You will enjoy riding much more when able to see clearly. that means taking care of your goggles. The following points will help you get the best from them and keep them in good condition. 1.Lenses will scratch (especially mirror), so don’t rub them when they are wet (use a goggle wipe) and don’t lay them on their face. 2.Quality goggles have an antifog coating on the inside to help absorb moisture and keep vison clear. This coating is quite soft and should not be touched if possible. If you get snow inside just tap it out or dab it as dry as you can (wiping will scratch it), then dry it under a hand drier (approx 30cm away). 3.If your goggles fog up when you are waiting in a lift line leave them on your face - they will clear once you get moving again. 4.Goggles are not waterproof. In wet conditions use the hand drier regularly to keep them dry. N.B. Manufacturers will not replace goggle lenses if you rub away the antifog coating.

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