These boards are designed for boarders just starting out and those with a couple of weeks experience. Both the boards and boots are softer, allowing easy turning. This is a good level to start, while keeping a bit of cash in your pocket.


 These are boards that are suited to those who have ridden for a while or are quick at picking up most sports. We use quality boards from Burton, Salomon, Rossignol, Roxy, Arbor and Ride, and Salomon Faction Boa and Burton Moto boots. Once you start using this level of board you will notice how quickly your skills improve.



 At this level you know what you like in a board. You are quite a strong rider and want the best. We have a selection of Salomon and Burton boards to do the things you've always wanted on the mountain.


The number of groms riding has increased greatly over the last few years. We have packages to suit most age groups. The whole family can now go boarding together. Board sizes range from 80cm to 130cm.



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