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Rome 390

Size L/XL (US 9-12+)

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Sales price: $ 246.00
Discount: -$ 133.00
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Manufacturer: Rome

Features of the Rome 390 binding:
- Flex Rating: 5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) - The perfect combination of playfulness and power. This medium flexing binding gives you the precision and control you need for freeriding and the forgiving feel you want for freestyle.
- Baseplate: V-Rod Baseplate - Flex and pop. A V-shaped baseplate with a "rod" of edge-to-edge contact reduces the binding's footprint across the board. This creates a more natural and even board flex with improved lateral mobility for presses and turning power.
- EVA InBase Pad - Cushioning, dampening. Protection from hard landings.
- SubBase V-Pad - 3D EVA and rubber fill the lifted corners of the V-shaped baseplate for cushioning. This creates a smooth side-to-side flex while reducing vibrations and absorbing impact.
- Contour.2 Ankle Strap - Flexible, low-profile 3D molded ankle strap for comfort and support.
- OpenForm Toe Strap - This lightweight strap securely grips the toe of the boot for maximum hold and stability with minimal pressure.
- Multiple Strap Positions - Every Rome binding comes with 3 or more strap positions so you can customize the level of strap support you want.
- Quick Adjust for Strap Length - No need for a screwdriver, with the flip of a lever you can choose the length you want/need for a perfect fit.
- 390 Asym Highback - Ergonomically designed for a seamless boot interface. The 390 is slightly canted towards the inside of your boot giving you epic response, improved lateral flex and freestyle playfulness.
- Full Highback Rotation - Allows riders to adjust highback position to match their stance ankles and their personal styles. Full range from 0 degrees to 24 degrees.
- Tool-Free Highback Forward Lean Adjuster - Quick and easy control over your forward lean.
- UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop - Delivers edge-to-edge power through a lightweight, leverage enhancing aluminum structure with torsional flexibility for improved lateral mobility. Underwrap Heel Hoop gives you flex that is powerful for freeriding and flexible for freestyle.
- Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Units in box: 2


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